Roadkill, Battle of the Network Stars 3d logo title and transition. This is a 3d title design and transition that I designed and animated for a special episode of Roadkill, which airs on MotorTrend, both online and on air. You can view the full episode here. This was a great project that I had a lot of fun on. A big thank you to everyone on this project, especially Jiro, who was indispensable.

Role: Art Direction, Logo Design, 3d Modeling, Lighting and Texturing (edit of textures), 3d Animation, Compositing.

Sr. Director, Original Programming: Dustin Gould.

Associate Creative Director: Jiro Ietaka.

Producer: Matt Frank.

Editor: Mark Lessley.

Post Production Coordinator: Natalie Lucaccini.

Produced at MotorTrend Group / Studio Ten.

Client: Roadkill / MotorTrend Group / Studio Ten.

3d logo title.


3d logo three second transition.


3d logo design explorations.